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(heavy sigh)…I am struggling with words after Part II of the Music Summer Series. The place to which we traveled  last night…I can’t even translate to words. From the power injected by Jonathan Baker to the lyrically-laid portrait by Naki (and guest poet Cynthia) to the melodic heavenly overtones of Che’Marie and E.P., just…inspiring, moving, elevating. Where would I be without the synchronized cataclysmic beauty of sound that is Brandon Chapman, Cedric Easton, and Jeff Bass? Ahh…I’m just…lulled by the evening of inspiration. And…Columbus…what is all this love?! SHEESH!!! You keep coming and you bring more people, more support, more energy, more love…craziness! None of this would go down without you all…til next time (August 8 – Final Part)….



(Photo provided by Che’Marie @chemarie_n_ep)

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  • Sonya Thomas says:

    Part II of your series was such an inspirational and Spirit filled evening , we would have stayed for two more hours if we had to . All the various artists were wonderful , it was just something that one would have to be there to believe, it was awesome. Can hardly wait for and I say this with sadness, the last or Part III of the artist T.Wong series. Bravo to you

  • Christina L Myles says:

    @Sonya I Couldn’t Agree More… T.Wong… U Kept Saying I’m Gonna Get U Outta Here… BUT I Personally Wasn’t Ready To Leave! I Didn’t Want It To End…. I Could Honestly Feel “It” In My Soul…The Atmosphere Was So Intense… Man! Every Part Was So Rich… You And All Of Ur Special Guests! Whew! I Keep Trying To Describe It To Those Who Missed It… No Words Can Really DescribE What We Experienced! I Absolutely Can’t Wait TIll The Nation And The Rest Of The World Finds Out About You!

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