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And…we’re out of there!!! Thanks for an amazing three months of my summer music series! Columbus, you have been absolutely phenomenal welcoming me into the music scene! You have embraced my sound, style, and vibe…I could not be more elated and humbled. It’s bittersweet to say farewell to the New Harvest stage as it has become a home, a platform of energy and creation, a plateau of artistic development and exploration…something that can’t be purchased; I look forward to our next happenstance. I’ve gained much from experiencing the six amazing artists that blessed the series (Chaquis Maliq, Jonathan Baker, Naki, Che’Marie & EP, Trek Manifest, & Renee Dion) and gratitude for your coalition can’t be expressed in words…wishing you the upmost success on your journeys. My fam—Jeff Bass, Brandon Chapman, Cedric Easton—has been unstoppable animals! I’ve said it before and I’ll stay it again, I walk with GIANTS!!! These men have been sensational and have taken me to a place of musical ecstasy, allowing for an unadulterated free flow of notes, manipulations, and stylistics…nothing better! O’ Columbus, any who experienced, and any who hoped to experience…I hope this is not the end of our musical relations… I hope to encounter you again really soon….

If you missed Part III…check out this clip.




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