(pronounced Tee-wän)

As unique as the name, the sound and style is equally as unique. Singer-songwriter, T.Wong, offers an experience. Since the release of his EP, Dreamin’ In Motion (2014), and Debut Album, Journey (2015), he has been likened to acclaimed artists like Frank Ocean and Lenny Kravitz, as his sound transcends listeners to an alternate space.
Traversing different spaces is T.Wong’s ode as he embraces all his worlds as one as artist, entrepreneur, and brand. Entwined with the world of music, he is one of two owners of a Black-owned law firm in Ohio. In his legal capacity, he represents a myriad of clients ranging from enterprises to artists. Further, T.Wong acts in the capacity of a private counselor, mentor, and facilitator.
His original approach to life has begin leaving a mark on the world. He has been recognized by international and national press such as AFROPUNK and Soul Train, experienced opening for international and grammy-nominated artists, heard on NPR and in the UK, seen on Fox28, and tagged as a brand ambassador for the City of Columbus’ Art Makes Columbus.
T.Wong - Anti limits, anti expectation, anti convention.