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Not Guilty–Didn’t Give me Sex

By June 10, 2013March 29th, 2015No Comments

Justice truly is blind…I’m not sure what to think after a Texas court found a man not guilty after killing an escort who would not engage him in sexual acts. The court likened the killing to a person defending his or her property from an intruder. Is this justice?

Firstly, I must have missed the segment in my legal education that considered soliciting sex a legal act. And, secondly, I must have skipped the class that discussed bitterness and disappointment as self-defense or adequate provocation to murder.

Courts and legal departments will waste resources on jailing individuals with questionable driving records and non-violent crimes. BUT, they will not utilize resources to ensure a trigger-happy sex-driven person receives some institutionalization to correct the behavior or protect the general public; interesting….