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Every now and then it’s good to reflect solely on the great things that transpire in life. Great to give flowers where they are due and while able.

For me, 2014 has been a dope musical year. This has been a year of artistic exploration, development, and dispensation. Just an abbreviated timeline of gratitude:

Much appreciation to Dr. Roger Parish for taking time to allow my curiosity of sound and lyrics to find home at his musical conservatory. Having a haven to develop craft before realizing what craft may exist was utterly unexpected, absolutely motivating, and something for which I’m incredibly thankful.

S/O to Kifle for allowing me space to perform before we knew what my artistry could be. Opening and rearranging the shop to allow your first musical performance is smoke. And, for the first performance to be the unrecognized and underdeveloped me…insanity.

What can I say…New Harvest. The platform where I awoke my vocal and performance street fight. The platform where I explored depths and heights of my vocal capability. The platform where I was graced to perform alongside some of the dopest emerging artists (Chaquis Maliq, Jonathan Baker, Naki, Che’ Marie, Trek Manifest, & Renee Dion). New Harvest, a home away from home…where I can be free to be as I please and work til’ I can’t work no mo’. New Harvest awakened me to the city and the city to me. Shaun “Drum” Scott much appreciation for your enthusiasm to introduce to such a platform. Kwojo…man…no words for all my gratitude.

*heavy sigh…Lincoln Theatre. First time my name was in lights. Incredible. Speechless…. To be engrafted into the rich historic bloodline of the Lincoln is the most unexpected and humbling experience that I could not imagine. I do not have the vernacular to express my sincerest gratefulness, humility, and excitement, for having the ability to perform at the Lincoln Theatre. GM Bradford, my gratefulness is beyond measure.

Duplexity, DUPLEXITY, Duplexity…incredible! Many thanks to the Garden Theatre for welcoming me on to its raw historic stage with little to no knowledge of what I could or could not do. The electricity that existed at the Garden Theatre was like lightning connecting with a trident submerged in the Atlantic. S/O to Flix and Jim Cantrell for conducting that electricity through their facets. And to Renee Dion…an artist among artists and friend among friends…how great you are for being half of this incredible experience. Taking this budding artistry and helping intensify the growth process…*lowers head, exhales.

And then…there’s the greatest camp in the land. VMS, Chauncey, J. Coop, Jonathan Cross, Brittany Clinkscale, Obye Bayard, Corey Favor, Angela Mitchell, and Aureyl Pitts, I originally wrote something about you all but…it’s too much for this already exhausting blog. Simply put…you all are amazing in every way and I would be no where without you, your talent, your gifts. David Bailey for believing in my artistry from our first run in and lending your craft to help catapult mine…thank you is not enough.

Jeff Bass thank you for lending your amazing gift and adding me to your overwhelming schedule…dope. Jonathan Baker, talented beyond words but even greater friend and man of character, what you’ve done for me is un-repayable. Cedric Easton…no words…my older brother…my dear friend…your creative force and leadership is…it is (*grateful). Brandon Chapman…your belief…your creativity…your motivation…unspeakably one of the upmost humbling and motivating drivers of my artistry (*thankful).

And…to Columbus and every person in every city, state, and country that reached out and became a supporter…my incredible undying thank you for letting me Dream In Motion. Let 2015 be the year we all start and continue Dreamin’ In Motion.



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