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Every now and then you get to kick back and enjoy good artistic conversation. Doesn’t matter the style or type of art, doesn’t matter the level or notability of the artist, but simple feel good conversation that connects passion and drive. That was the tone of my interview at Pulse Radio with DJ O Sharp….

We were able to kick back and discuss the nuances of music. From likes and dislikes to road blocks and ambition,  DJ O Sharp and I sat back and shot the breeze as kindred. I’m not one for enthusiasm regarding hearing myself, but I actually sat back and listened to the interview and found myself being lulled back in as though I wasn’t a participant! The laughing, the depth of content, the real, just kept coming.

As I chilled there engaging and then sat back to recap, all I could think…I could do this all day. I could easily be enthralled in the art and sit back with people to converse about the importance, the struggle, the success, the life of it all–any day and all day. Some days you just sit back and feel…I’m in my purpose.

Thanks to Pulse Radio and the dope DJ O Sharp for a moment to shoot the breeze and feel in my purpose. To check out the interview click here.



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