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Appreciate and much love to SP and Yav for having me on the air 2-16-14 as a history maker being a current Black attorney….

(Image provided by 107.5 Facebook)

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  • Aureyl says:

    The dialogue in this segment was interesting, I am interested to hear more on your thoughts on how the young, African-American community has done in mobilizing around common causes and goals.

    • stwong4221 says:

      Honestly, and I can only speak regarding the young Black community in Columbus, I don’t think we’ve made any movement on any cause. I haven’t experienced much goal setting for the community; thus, I am unable to measure any success(es) that could exist. But, I think that is a problem in and of itself — no unified goals. What I do know is that there are pockets of young Blacks that are engaging themselves and/or their circle but have been unable to collect steam from the remainder of the community. So the question that I’m left with is, do the young Blacks see any common causes or goals that need be met?

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