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It is a proclamation that every moment is decisive. That every moment is significant. That every moment is intentional.

#JOURNEYNOW is a subtle reminder that time is a finite resource to be used wisely and not squandered. Instead of putting ambition and purpose off until feeling like everything is perfectly aligned, pursue it now. Recognize that everything is perfectly aligned specifically for us to reach our fulfillment. And, time is always ripe for us to be bountiful.

Perpetuate your purpose by expending yourself, fully. Acknowledge weaknesses and shortcomings, and exercise diligence in trying to better those. And, practice faith that your expenditure and diligence will not yield an empty return, but that it will yield exactly what is meant for you.

#JOURNEYNOW is moving. It is living not for the day but in the moment. It is unwavering in its stance to go further, to be better, to do you. Live in the now, don’t wait for the next.

It is a proclamation that our life is important. That our contribution is significant. That our person is unique and necessary.




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