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Creative Control Fest (“CCF”) is a crazy dope movement that occurs annually in Columbus, OH. CCF brings together diverse creatives from every creative field for development, exposure, and creation. It offers workshops, speakers, presentations, and performances of all types. CCF has become one of my most highly anticipated events in Columbus and today’s fundraiser has done nothing but heighten my anticipation. As I chilled at today’s fundraiser, I was surrounded by insane creativity causing me to feel as though I was in an ocean of colors, designs, and sounds! And, I only got more amped as I freestyled on the mic wit some of the freshest artist in the region! How great is it to do what you love, in the moment, with no restraint?! Freestylin’ + CCF = FRESH…plain & simple. If you’re into creating in any way, I suggest you attend CCF 2014….

Check out Creative Control Fest here.

Check me freestylin’ with other creatives here:  CCF Freestyle

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