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WORLD…the documentary highlighting my current musical process is here! What a privilege it is to live out aspirations that are embedded in your heart, soul, and mind. I had the pleasure of experiencing a private viewing of the documentary with a group of supporters the other night. The love and dialogue played my heart strings, and I could only be humbled and grateful for the strong support of my journey. Being able to delve into thoughtful and heartfelt conversation about my process at the genuine entreaty of supporters is euphoria. I was and am truly dreamin’ in motion. But, I don’t want to stop there…I want everyone to dream in motion. So let everybody, or at least me, know the moments when you are putting your dreams in motion by taking pics, vids, or leaving comments w/ #Dreamininmotion (on Facebook, twitter, instagram, whatev)!

See the documentary here!

Don’t forget…#Dreamininmotion



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