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Sometimes you realize you’re only as great as the company you keep…I’d like to think I’m surrounded by great people on every side and in many different industries. I recently had the opportunity to witness one of my family/friend’s greatnesses flourish. Wes Free (“Wesley Freeman”) is a dope 3D artist, motion graphic/broadcast designer, and video game environment artist.

From our elementary-school friendship, Wes has been enthralled and dedicated to the world of graphics and video gaming. He has followed through with his vision by moving states, seizing opportunities, and sharpening his craft through practice and education. Wes is a true testament to living out dreams and discovering purpose. Wes is truly inspiring.

Choose your company wisely, and your friends even the more. Your circle(s) should be motivated, productive, and purpose-driven, keeping each other driving forward in whatever ambition you seek. Check out only a snippet of Wes Free’s dope work, here.




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