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Much love to the city of Columbus for an unbelievable night for Part I of my Summer Music Series and EP Release! The City made it feel as though we were old acquaintances and the love…an old dance partner with whom I was reuniting. I couldn’t speculate how the evening would go but I for certain did not expect the electricity and chemistry that was brought! From the moment the City sent up a beautifully crafted harmonic sound of “Morning After”…pure transcendence…to the crazy encouragement of my moms joining me on stage for an impromptu moment of “I.T.,” the City fixed me into a place of sheer bliss. I’m on a metaphysical high right now, and I can’t wait til’ our next rendezvous….



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  • Fred Thomas says:

    What an awesome performance!!! It was such an electric atmosphere. Crowd participation was amazing!!! T.Wong inhaled and exhaled sheer electricity. The band kept pace without one missed note and we all breathed in a performance that was intoxicating!!! Wow is all that’s left to be said for this up and coming star.

  • ~I Am... says:


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