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It’s Okay…I Had A Bad Day

By March 24, 2013March 29th, 2015No Comments

Joe Rickey Hundley had a bad day so, when a black 19-month-old baby cried on a plane because of altitude change, Hundley slapped him and, allegedly, exclaimed, “shut the nigger baby up.” But…it is okay because he had a bad day–at least that’s the argument. Hmmm….

So, it’s okay to slap and call children degrading names now because we are having a bad day? It’s okay to publicly humiliate and distress a parent now because we are having a bad day? That sounds slightly like “massa” mentality. “I’m upset so I’ll take it out on the help.”

What about this is right? Oh…because he apologized and alleged that any contact was accidental. Who accidentally slaps a child? How does one accidentally slap anyone?! Who and what court would actually affirm that explanation as a viable defense?

I am simply disgusted with the increase in ridiculous racial incidents. It seems as though since the induction of the Black president the subtle racism has become less subtle and racial incidents have become either increased and/or become more reported. Whatever the case, it is simply unacceptable.

And, it is not nor will it ever be acceptable for any person of any race to attack a child, verbally and/or physically, because he is having a bad day. Further, it should not be acceptable for nor should it be easily dismissed when people are publicly using derogatory terms against other races because they…have…a…bad…day.

I am over it.