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I’m not sure where to begin on this one. Unexpected. Unexpected is the best way for me to sum up this experience.

Having the ability to work with amazing musicians, artists, tech, and team members, was moving. People sacrificing their time and abilities to ensure a moment in time is as great as it could possibly be…moving.

Working with another vocal artist, “Renee Dion,” who believes in the very fiber of her artistic expression and executes it with such ease…growing. It helped me in my music journey, growing me to another level to walk alongside her passion, vision, and fearlessness. She is incredible, and I calmly wait for the next moment to work as DUPLEXITY.

Performing alongside musicians that create their own atmospheres independently, in order to create one colossal atmosphere…elevating. Bringing their vigorous music paint brushes to the canvas, only creates in me drive to dig deep to create rich and new colors and scenes.

And now, as I study footage from the Garden Theatre performance…enhancing. I am able to recap previous performances and concepts and see the enhancement from those places. Being able to see the growth into the art and out of the fear is…it is. I only hope that I’ll be able to continue this growth for years to come and for many days of my life.




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